Finley - Unleash The Power (Official Video)03:15

Finley - Unleash The Power (Official Video)

Unleash The Power jest jedną z piosenek zespołu Finley. Została użyta w czołówce pierwszego sezonu serialu Legendy Chima.


1. When you feel the world is trying drag you down

You're the one you can react,

There is nothing that you cannot really get

Everyone will try to can you out there

Life's a jungle full of traps

There's no map near bat don be skared!

(It makes you stronger!)

Ref. Fight, fight, fight what you believe

And dont't give up your dreams and then

Try retry to do the best you can! x2

Unleash the power!

2. Don't lose your heart couse every goes wrong

Or if you start feeling strings

There's no chainsows thrown at you cannot break

Life's a crying after waterfall

It's a long way to the top,

If you wanna rock'n roll!

(It makes you stronger!)

Ref. Fight, fight, fight... x2

(It makes you stronger!)

Unleash the power!

The power!

The power!

(It makes you stronger!)

Ref. Fight, fight, fight... x2

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