Finley - Horizon Teledysk03:51

Finley - Horizon Teledysk

Horizon jest jedną z piosenek zespołu Finley. Została użyta w odcinku Laval na wygnaniu.


1. I wanna tell you the story of two friends

In a land one step from paradise,

So for away from here

And I'm gonna tell you story of our lives

But from years of lying

I am protacting

The only thing that matters

Ref. Know something's broken but time

We'll fix everything

Chaze the light

On the Horizon we'll friend what

Is really the light

We're not alone

On the edge of the world

I never asked for something more

And we feel, and we scream, we believe

We're not alone

2. I thought a friendship was stronger than steel

Precious things are fragile as a breath of wind

they blow away to easily

ref. Know something's...

Every time you feel alone

Every time you thing it's gone

End that night

Chaze that light

And that night

Chaze that light

On the Horizon...

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